Five Misguided beliefs Associated with Buying from an Online Smoke Shop

Chances are, if you’ve used using a bong, you’ve also called it – or heard others call it – a water conduit. Same thing, both names a longstanding part of smoking water pipes cheap culture. Call it what you will really, it’s one of the most regularly used smoking uses amongst cannabis aficionados and has been since its respectful 16th century birth in China the waning days of the Ming Dynasty.

A classic bong is made from different materials, like acrylic and glass. It entails an open conduit that’s fixed to a water chamber. An inlet is linked to the chamber allowing you to breathe in the tasty smoke. When the dried herb of choice is determined and lit inside the bong’s bowl, the smoke cools and filtration system through the clean water before it is inhaled.

Why buy a bong from an Online Smoke Shop? Because they’re reliable and practical smoking uses and a reputable online retailer won’t help you wrong. Unlike other devices, a bong doesn’t call for a regular battery to work. Another big reason? The water inside the bong processes the smoke initially, eliminating impurities before you take a hit. Many people say hits are stronger and smoother, perfect for long sessions. Finally, it’s easy to clean and use.

Buying From Online Smoke Shop s is Illegal.
If you’re 17 years old or older, it’s perfectly legal to purchase a water conduit, same as a glass conduit or vaporizer from an online head shop anywhere in the 50 states. This also applies to rolling papers, accessories, and storage units for vapes or water pipes. All the smoking uses we offer are intended merely to double with legal vaping and smoking mixtures, meaning you aren’t breaking any laws by purchasing from an Online Smoke Shop as long as you’re of age.

Privacy? Who Needs Privacy!
Really? You actually think an experienced Online Smoke Shop doesn’t take security or customer privacy seriously? We can’t speak for other retailers, but we can promise you that your privacy is our number one concern. While no online systems are 100 percent secure, our shop is fully PCI/DSS compliant and we don’t retain and can’t access your credit card information or any personal data. The only section of data we hold onto is the email addresses of clients who sign up for our newsletter. Beyond that, the less data we have, the better. Like other online merchants, we have the highest level of protection which is offered by our payment gateway services and merchant processor, which bolt on an extra layer of defense against falsified activity or identity theft. Shopping at our store is no different than buying sunglasses from Amazon or a shovel from your local hardware store. Bottom line: We have the same high standards for privacy and security as the big boys of the online retail industry.

High Prices? You’ve Come to the right Place.
Yes, prices vary between online head shops due to exclusive items and the like but, for the most part, there is noticeable price parity thanks to competition. When compared to the prices of your local brick and mortar store on the corner, the prices we offer are cheaper. Why? We don’t have the above your head associated with a physical store, nor do we pay taxes on x-amount of block floorspace, and we don’t have to worry about monthly let out or the high number of staff needed to run a physical store. That way, we can pass these savings on to you. We achieve further cost efficiencies thanks to partnerships with leading manufacturers which allows us to stock new products and the most inventive smoking gear months before a physical store.

We Sell Black Market or Knockoff Goods.
What Online Smoke Shop sells black market or knockoff smoke gear and expects to stay in business? Sure, world-class glass brands like Illadelph, Grav Labs, and Toro are beset with fake goods by unprincipled offshore industries which are experts at reproducing the branding elements and logos of top companies, but most Online Smoke Shop s can smell fakes a mile away. How? We can tell because sample product we inspect show telltale signs of inferior glass and laughably poor quality and workmanship. Upon check up, black market glass has poor welds, uneven percolators and, most disturbingly, thin glass. It’s pretty simple: If prices seem too good to be true, then you’re probably dealing with a shop that’s selling fake products or isn’t a licensed retailer for a particular brand.

We offer a 100% quality assurance guarantee on all items, which are only sourced from legitimate and known manufacturers. And in the rare case that a fake good gets past our check up team, we’ll refund you what you paid, immediately. We’re an authorized dealer of all of the brands we sell, and we have worked diligently to build relationships with the leading names in the industry.

Most products will arrive broken
To be clear, we don’t have a monstrous manufacturing facility where products roll down conveyor belts and are automatically picked up and packaged. All of our picking and taking is done manually ,. Before any item is shipped out, we ensure its whole with no broken components or accessories. It normally takes up to five business days for product to ship, some more, some less. Our future is based on repeat customers, so we have a rigorous quality control process in place to make sure your order is safe and secure.

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